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Welcome to my Sports Replays Site

I had played around on other web sites I ran for a long time with sports related issues and replays and decided it was time to make a dedicated site to document some of what I am replaying for your interest, and to give some idea of what the sport simulations I prefer can do for prospective buyers too. You will find many links you might find useful, and files to download as well, - a way of giving something back to the sports simulation community I have been part of for more years than I will care to mention. I have an online shop within this site for my own games ranges apart from all the goodies and links. Please visit the shop while here.

DEFINITION  Sports Simulation games I use are those which replay statistically, various sports on the computer, or with dice, or simply use the computer as an aid to replay the events with tools such as Excel spreadsheets. They are not arcade sports games. Various people refer to the interest as sports replays, sport replays, sports replay or just sport replay gaming.

SPORTSREPLAYS GAMES - VISIT MY SHOP   Please visit my shop for my Sports Replay Games, currently Ryder Cup Replay Grand Slam Tennis, The Replay World of International Athletics, the Replay World of International Swimming, The Replay World of Elite Triathlon, and the Replay World of the Pro Beach Volleyball Tour, plus a fun game, Card Golf.

ROBERTO CHIAVINI GAMES CATALOGUE Roberto produces a super range of mainly quick playing games, especially on the Olympics Events. I am hosting his catalogue on my site - it has additions monthly or bi monthly so please visit it !

JOHN BOWNESS 3-DICE GAMES CATALOGUE John is producing a super range of quick playing games based around 3 dice useage. I am hosting his catalogue on my site - please visit it !

PHILIP GIBSON'S LETS PLAY DARTS  2017 new release added to the MORE Games to buy page. Please visit it !

DICE and RPG - new page added for those who look for Dice and help to be able to play better with dice, and for those who like to play RPG and create maps, and especially for those who RPG Solitaire

LINKS        You will find links to the web sites of the Simulation games that I play and enjoy and to the forums of some of the games that I play or maybe general sports related forums. Go check them out and see if you like them

PERFECT GAME   I have seen it asked many times "which game is best for a particular sport", and also seen many people defending "their" game as the ONLY one worth playing.  EVERY simulation game has its good points and bad, the key is to find the one that suits YOUR needs best. If my pages help with this then I am very pleased, but above all make up your own mind !

DOWNLOADS    I will add download links on the site of things that can be shared as they are sent to me for inclusion. If you have a sports game file to host - get in touch ! Anyone wishing to make a voluntary donation to costs of hosting will find a paypal donation button on some download pages. There is no obligation to do this but all are gratefully accepted.  I am now hosting over 2GB of Data for you to download for your pleasure.

REPLAYS   I may add summaries or pages of my replays that can be shared and may interest you

FINALLY    I hope you enjoy the site and for all sports replayers,  build your own fields of dreams for your favourite sports.


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This Sports Games Site has now been operational for 14 years



Games available now

       Ryder Cup Replay Golf          

Grand Slam Tennis

Replay World of International Athletics  

Replay World of International Swimming 

Replay World of Pro Beach Volleyball

Replay World of EliteTriathlon

Replay World of International Figure Skating

Card Golf

Inning Baseball

Dice Cricket


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 "If we build it they will come "

All Sports Replay fans build their own FIELD OF DREAMS every time they start a replay of their favourite sport and play with their favourite teams and players.

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