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SherCo's GrandSlam Baseball Game is back on the market, in both print and downloadable pdf formats.  The new edition is being produced under license by Hot Stove Games, and will be distributed by ASG Games.

Invented in 1968 by Steve LeShay, SherCo (aka SherCo Baseball Simulation) was the first game to feature actual ballpark diagrams that factored into the outcome of plays.  SherCo was the first game to rate every player who appeared in a game.  It also was the first, and remains to this day, the only game with a "stop-action" system that allows you to watch every play unfold on the table-top.  And, as an added bonus, SherCo was the first game to give you the official rating formulas so that you can rate any team for which you have the proper stats!

Brien Martin of Hot Stove has updated SherCo's look and feel, changing the basic color scheme of the game, the game's logo, and even the type-face of the materials.  Using the best data available, each and every ballpark diagram has been re-designed and re-created to give you the best representations of stadia in the game's history.  And, he has also created a set of deluxe stadium charts ... each chart is on an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet (or on card stock if you buy the pre-printed version).  The squares on each chart are just big enough that, using small beads or markers, you can play right on the charts themselves.

Aside from the 2015 season set (which is available with the purchase of a complete game set or for separate purchase), SherCo has five all-time favorite seasons available with the new re-launch:  1927, 1930, 1941, 1956, and 1962.  They are also offering re-creations of SherCo's "Teams of Yesteryear" sets ... the best teams from each decade, starting from 1900-1909 through 1980-1990.  These are what they call the "Vintage SherCo Collection" because they've scanned the original materials and are presenting these products exactly as they were sold from 1975-1995 by SherCo.

Also included in the re-launch is the "SLOBS" Manual, a how-to guide to starting and maintaining a short-season league for both real-life players and for fictional players.  The 39-page guide includes all of the rules to follow, plus the basic forms, tables, and charts you'll need to create your own Coover-like SherCo universe!

Stop by the website at: , and also stop by the ASG site at   to purchase your copy of SherCo's GrandSlam Baseball Game!

Thanks to Steve Leshay for the full information for you all............


Sports Illustrated Pennant Race Baseball Game

Sports Illustrated Pennant Race Baseball was first issued by Avalon Hill in 1981. The game was discontinued in 1984 and team rosters were only officially  produced for 3 baseball seasons 1981 to 1983. The game is unique in  that it is very different from traditional baseball games. Instead of a game system that involves going through the batting order one at a time over nine innings, the games are resolved with just a few rolls of the dice. Games are generally resolved in under one minute and as a result, an actual 162-game schedule for all the major league teams can be completed in a short period of time. The game involves selecting your pitching rotation, trading and calling up rookies from the minor rather than setting a batting order and calling the hit and run, steal or sacrifice. Players are rated numerically for batting, batting with power, speed, defense, pitching, the bullpen and endurance that are simply factored into a team figure which enables games to be resolved by three six-sided dice. The game system is fast, enjoyable and is admirably suited to solitaire play.

As advised it is no longer available and has not been for many years so original items posted below in historical context.The only source for a copy will be e-bay and I am pleased to say I recently got hold of an inexpensive 1982 copy that way. If anyone has problems with these being hosted please advise. There are updates and add-ons that have been made by individuals and the game has been  kept alive by Marco from Italy.  Below are various files for the game - if anyone rates teams please send them to me and I will share them with the Pennant Race sports community on this page. Seasons show which rules set you should use but of course you can convert them. ( Right click to download )


Current 2014 Pennant Race Charts

2014 Rating Players for Pennant Race  9.6.14

Current 2014 Pennant Race Rules

Pennant Race Excel Dice Roller

Scoresheet (with Directions) 11.6.14

Team Creation Template 11.6.14


ORIGINAL Pennant Race Rules 17.6.14  (LARGE FILE)

ORIGINAL Pennant Race Standings Pad 17.6.14

ORIGINAL Pennant Race Club Record Pad 17.6.14


CanAm League 2016 Rosters 18/6/17  NEW

1890 Rosters (Current Rules) 6/3/17  NEW

1951 from ASR Magazine (Original Rules) 12.6.14

1969 NL Rosters (2003 Rules)

1969 Schedule (2003 Rules)

1983 Rosters (Original Rules)

1985AL Rosters (2003 Rules) 7.6.14

1985NL Rosters (2003 Rules) 7.6.14

1988 Rosters (Current Rules)

1988 AL Schedule   12.6.14

2002 Rosters (2003 Rules)

2002 Schedule (2003 Rules)

2006 World Series Rosters (2003 Rules) 7.6.14

2006 Japan Series Rosters (2003 Rules)  7.6.14


2003 Revised Homebrew Rules


Original Pennant Race All Star Replay (Full Magazine)


(below items are included in the above full magazine)

1951 from ASR Magazine (Original Rules) 12.6.14

Pennant Race 1908 ASR Article 12.6.14

Pennant Race 1982 ASR Replay 12.6.14

Pennant Race 1982 ASR Added rules 12.6.14