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Just an update - a couple of people have queried if I am still active !   Answer is very much so but at present havent time to work on new games to sell due to two factors:

1      My main work as an Accountant in Practice is keeping me very busy these last three years or so

2      Short term, February to date in 2017, I have had minor eye surgery to both eyes which is meaning I have to rest away from the screen and reading a little more until it all settles down and can work QUICKLY again :)

HOWEVER rest assured as you will probably see, that pages are being updated, and new games by various designers being added   eg Roberto, John Bowness, Philip Gibson, and links updated PLUS  ALL SPORTSREPLAYS GAMES are very much available - Tennis Updates added not very long ago.

many thanks for the concern from fellow gamers


May 2017


























One of my favourite quotes below that will give you an insight into what is my MOST favourite Sport, and has been throughout my life, and a Logo above that will tell you which team I have supported since 1959 in that sport :

"Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I'm very disappointed with this attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that"   - the late and great Bill Shankly



And a second quote that I have also always liked and used in many signatures and is so very true. Especially true for any sport supporter !

"Yesterday is history,

Tomorrow is a mystery,

Today is your present,

Enjoy your gift,

And never lose site of your dreams"




April 2014


Our latest Game released - Replay World of International Figure Skating. The game gives you the ability to replay ANY event at ANY level and comes with excel worksheets for speed of replaying. Like our Triathlon game, I think this is another first as the game allows such wide ranging replay opportunities including RPG options !


Due to significant shipping cost increases April 2014 we have taken the decision to make our games available by e-mail pdf and sent as pdf files on receipt of your payment. This reduces delivery time, removes shipping costs, and its in your hands quicker. We really cannot force you to pay the level of increased shipping costs there would need to be. I am especially aware that overseas customers would find the overall costs somewhat prohibitive due to weight of the product and these increased shipping prices.

Please be aware that in the interests of security of international copyright, all games we sell by pdf e-mail format have an embedded hidden code unique to your order within each file which is traceable in the event of breach of copyright. All sales made are for your own personal use only and not for sharing in any form.

 If you still require any printed set then please e-mail us with your address and requirement and we will quote you the cost including printing and shipping.  But in most case shipping now costs more than printing !





Added the SPORTS CARD GAMES page to the site to list such games available, and updated the Grand Slam Tennis page plus released a 2013 Tennis rating set. Another Court file for Action Basketball uploaded. Added a lot of picture files for Action Golf and ASG Golf and Chris's Dice Wrestling Game to download.

In the shop the 1948 Olympics set has been released. And an ASG Golf Course Logo pack added to downloads.  .2012-2013 Seasons for Headed Goal added.....,Latest Action Golf Course Photos and 1986 Season template for Motor Sport added. 1980 Franchise Best Baseball for Action Baseball added, updated Roberto Chiavini's pages with new games and added the new Sports Forecasting - Shop page to the site.


Added the Sports Replays Blog page to the site. New Card sets for Motor Sport Game including Nascar 1986. Western Hockey 62-63 League for Action Hockey.


Reworked the WHOLE DOWNLOADS section and files added for Action Basketball and Le Grande boucle plus Robertos page updated. 2013 AAA West Coast league for Action baseball added and details of Pat Premos Fast Action Horse Racing. Headed Goal Champions League Ratings 2012-13 added to the site. Benricks 2012 LPGA set added to the site for Action Golf plus 2012 LPGA Photo set for this.


2013 Season added for DD Baseball, and Wentworth Course Photos for ASG Golf Wentworth from Slybelle.


Dan Flynn's 2013 Season Photo Pack added for ASG Golf game. 2013 Minden English County Championship Cricket Cards added. 2013 DDBB Season added containing everything: starting lineups, opening day rosters and transactions


Cliff Sextons 2013 Season Photo Pack added for ASG Golf game plus his Wentworth Course Pictures.


TBG MLS 2013 and 2000 CONCACAF GOLD CUP Files added to The Beautiful Game Page thanks to Patrick. Quick Play NFL Football 2013 added.


WC1958 and MLS 2012-13 files added for Headed Goal thanks once again to Danko. Simple baseball Dice Game rules added. 1914 Season added for DD Baseball created through Version 4 of the game and also a complete 1967 V4 file.


1984 and 1908 V4 seasons added for Digital Diamond Baseball plus 2 new files for Blue Zone Hockey. 1960's Franchise File for Action baseball and Shinnnecock Hills Course Picture pack added. Two new BZH files added.California Born players library added for DDBB.


Teams with individual Player ratings added for FULL TIME. Added James Course Book for Stroke Saver Golf with 13 courses. Adams 3rd Action Basketball Courts File added and also Logo pack. Roberto Chiavinis catalogue updated. New installer packs for graphics for Action PC Golf added on relase 2 of the game.


Added Keith Avallone's range of PLAAY games to the various sports pages on this site each with a link to his fully detailed descriptions of those games.


New areas created on the site for PENNANT RACE Baseball game and its files and also for GOAL PRO SOCCER and its files


New page added for NON STATISTICAL replay sports games - take a look !


New page added for RocknRandalls Simple and Sound range of Games


Adam Ginsburg's 4th Basketball Courts File added for Action basketball


LOGACTA CHART SOCCER page has been added where you can read about this 1970's game and also create it yourself to play seasons of soccer with an instant results system. Link off FOOTBALL page. Also a link to an excel version.


More Action Basketball files added, and also Dice Baseball 2 game


2MD NCAA 2013 FBS file added, Robertos page updated quite a few times with his ever expanding range, two lots of new Motor Sport Card image files added, 2014 Le Tour for Le Grande boucle and numerous other updates. Please check round the site !


Delighted to add Jason Staben's INNING BASEBALL game and DICE CRICKET to the range being distributed by Sportsreplays Games. See our shop


ASG Golfer photopack updated by Cliff Sexton and also a Doral flyover picture set.

ACTION Golf 2014 PGA and LPGA Photo Pack plus 1986 Masters Photos added thanks to Roger Blakemore. FREE DOWNLOADS for DICE CRICKET added to the games page.


Added 1987/1988 College Season file for Action Basketball and 1949-50 for Action Hockey. 2014 Court Changes Images for Action Basketball added


A lot more Motorsport cards added and also a lot of Action Hockey, Baseball and Basketball files February - March 2015. Robertos page updated with many new releases and some general updates on the site of linked Games.


MANY more files added to Action PC Basketball, Baseball and Hockey, Basketball page updated with imminent release of PC Replay Basketball and also the new release of Hoops Pro Basketball. Le Grande Boucle page updated with automated excel versions. New picture files for ASG Golf added and also course files.


New pictures for Action Golf added, for Action Basketball,  page for Box Score Dice Sports updated and added to April 2015.


Le Grande Boucle new files added, Roberto's page updated and many new files being added to downloads.


New Action Golf Course Photos added, Drive Football details added, many more of Mikes quickplay Baseball and football Games


Bills MLS 2015 for HEADED GOAL added and many minor changes made summer 2015 and many added files


Numerous file uploads for various game Including updated ASG Golfer Photo set and 16 Files of NFL and College Fields for Action PC Football plus a further set of courts for Action basketball. " Minute Drill NFL 2015 has been added before this years Superbowl. College Photos added for 2014-5 Basketball and Steves 1970's Franchise Basketball file. Many new files added for Action Golf as well including files for the 2017 version.


Dice and RPG Page added