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Lambourne Games are pleased to again be able to offer the full range of 'Sporting Deals' card games, with the important addition of a new football card-and-dice game called 'The Beautiful Match'. For the month of July 2013 they are offering discounts if you order two or more of the games at one time (see below).


'THE BEAUTIFUL MATCH' - Basically a two-player soccer game but with a solitaire option. Playing time is about 30 minutes, like all the 'Sporting Deal' range ideal for a quiet corner of the pub or the dining room table after the meal is cleared away (good way to avoid the washing up!), with plenty of tactics involved, varying formations, the use of subs from the bench, shots, headers for goal,  freekicks,

penalties, last-ditch tackles, Red Cards (maybe stemming from 'last-ditch tackles'!), all the stuff of a real match. And the game can also be linked to the Ratings used in 'The Beautiful Game' as a bonus.

Comes complete with a Stadium card (playing pitch), double-sided ball marker and various charts and markers. Fast becoming a cult game, highly recommended at £15.


’40 OVERS’ much-loved cricket card game for two, now back in-print by public demand. Playing time 30-45 minutes, plenty of scope for bluff and counter bluff, and as in the real-life limited overs game a close and exciting finish is almost guaranteed. Great value at £10.


‘SPEEDWAY CHALLENGE’ another title now back in-print after being unavailable for several years. Exciting racing (more so than the real thing as many users have said) with the ability to stage any sort of meeting, league matches, 4-Team tournaments, ‘Best Pairs’, Internationals and individual rider championships, and playable with 2 to 6 players. All the thrills of real speedway, rearing at the tapes, tape exclusions, engine failures, falls, injuries, white line riding, great action coming from the back around the boards, even team riding. Heat leaders, seconds strings, reserves, even a Star Rider per

team, or you can link your riders to their actual CMA’s if you wish. And now we include a special solitaire version which offers, like the title, a real ‘speedway challenge’. For anyone with even the slightest interest in the sport this is a must-have purchase at £10.


‘DEVIL-TAKE-THE-HINDMOST’a real fun game for 2-6 players based on the classic track cycling race. Players race teams of 2 to 4 riders with the last rider to cross the line at the end of each lap dropping out until just two are left to race over the final lap. Oval cycling track, with rider markers and two sets of ordinary playing cards but used in a very special way. Plenty of tactics and usually the best games-player will win, but it’s fun for everyone and a great game for a multi-player session. Playing time varies depending

on number of players and number of riders used per team so you can

tailor-make your playing session. £14.


‘THE BIG FIGHT’go head-to-head in bouts from 3 to 15 rounds in this boxing card game. Everything you might expect from a boxing game is included, points wins, referee stops fight, cuts, knock-downs and knockouts, and playing time is quick enough to run a small tournament with a few friends in an evening. Become Champion for as little as £7 !



To re-launch the range they are offering a discount for the month of July if two or more games are ordered at the same time, as follows:-


Order 2 games 10% discount off total price

Order 3 games 20% discount off total price

Order 4 games 25% discount off total price

Order all 5 games 30% discount off total price












Deck of the golf card game Card Golf

Card Golf, the golf card game


Card Golf features 51 beautifully designed club cards, a couple of scorecards and complete instructions on how to play this fun new golf game. Small and lightweight to fit in a golf bag for play before or after a round of golf. This easy to learn indoor golf game is the ideal way to teach non-golfers the game of golf. The perfect golf fan's gift or a stocking filler for the golfers in your life.



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