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For those who wonder - my name is John Gardiner,  I was born in 1952 and live in Surrey in the South of the United Kingdom with my Ukrainian wife, have a wonderful step daughter in the UK  plus stepson and his family in Ukraine, and am very happy with my family life.

My Professional life now is as a Professional  Accountant with my own Practice in the UK but I have held Finance, Management and Directorship roles over the years, being a Fellow of the Institute of Financial Accountants, The Federation of Tax Advisers, The International Association of Book-Keepers, and The Institute of Commercial Management. I am also a Qualified Practicing Certified Numerologist, and publish Statistical Sports Replay games. All use numbers, so guess I am also a mathematician !!  I have also been a part-time Semi-Professional Photographer for a while and studied Web Site Design.

I have quite a few leisure interests which over the years have taken my time but I keep returning to Sports Simulation Replay games, and for the last 15 to 20 years largely computer based gaming due to time pressure precluding much of the dice rolling variety. Also the computer simulations now keep the statistics which is half or more of the fun of sports replay simulations - studying then after a replay !  I also like Video and Photography, watching almost all sports, wargaming and solitaire RPG ( a system I am working on !) all of which help feed my interest in military history and Fantasy such as LoTR, chess, plus Numerology and Graphology.

My wife will tell you that if a new stats based sports simulation appears I have to try it !!  And over the years think I have tried most if not all - and this includes many of the Arcade style sports games but these do not appeal to me other then to learn what they do. My interest is in the Statistics based sports simulations rather than " joystick games".

My interest in the hobby started back a long way with a board game called "Wembley" which was a dice based Soccer game and the results weighted dice were used in the game to get the scores of the games. I used those dice to run my own leagues and cup tournaments more than there use as part of the original game !!  This started off my life long interest and it was really kicked in to action with the discovery of LAMBOURNE GAMES in the UK who produced dice and chart stats based sports games and, and over the years think I bought all that they produced, and added many of the others I found in the UK from America at that time. I also got involved in Postal Leagues and running some too, before computer online play was around. With the arrival of computers for the stats based games I used the ZX Spectrum, Atari, and then moved to the PC of course. I even converted a couple or more games as a part time hobby programmer for the ZX Spectrum which was fun and rewarding and gave a greater insight in to what computers can do for the hobby.

When Gridiron Football arrived in the UK in the 80's I took more of an interest in replaying that, and have always had an interest in Baseball and when TV coverage of this arrived in the UK in the 90's. I nurtured a greater interest and was lucky enough to see my first live Baseball game in Boston in 1999 and have been more than hooked ever since, having travelled to USA and seen more live games since, also visiting the SABR Convention in Boston and met Tom Tippett of Diamond Mine Baseball fame.

I took over and relaunched Ryder Cup Replay from Lambourne Games in 2010 and plan to expand and continue this range in to the future along with my more recently released version of Grand Slam Tennis,  THE Tournament Tennis Game, plus Pro Beach Volleyball, and Triathlon, and Ice Skating and working on some more games as you will see on in my site. In 2014 I started distributing Sports Games for other designers too.

I don't get time for Internet online play - but prefer solitaire replay gaming and taking my own replaying managers decisions anyway !  The style of simulations I like are I know minority interests - but also I know there is a large minority out there like me :-)

Finally as we are now in to 2016 I note that this means the site has been operational for nearly TWELVE YEARS !  It seems just a little while ago that the idea for this site came to my mind but how time has flown by.  Hope you all continue to enjoy it - and thanks for everyone's support !!