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Regrettably there are VERY few statistically based PC cricket simulations available which don't rely on arcade style game play. HOWEVER one I would highly recommend is Cricket Coach 2014 which at the time of writing has just been released in its latest version.  Feels like managing and playing a cricket match or season !  Click on this banner and go to the site where you can download and try it before you buy. To me this has developed in to the Rolls Royce of cricket simulation gaming on the PC.



There have been a few other programs but as far as I am aware the only other one which contains up to date teams and data is below. It has graphics and also plays very well. Click on the banner for details and also a download trial version.

(Now up to 2013 Version )


For the NON COMPUTER player there are these two excellent games from Lambourne Games distributed by OWZAT GAMES and a new version of an old favourite by Minden - see next column

International Cricket

Probably the ultimate cricket board game and one of the best replay sports games ever invented. Both Test and One day matches can be played; the game comes complete with cards for the top 18 players from each of the main Test playing countries. Also available are cards for every player who has played in at least 6 tests;

This version of IC comes with all you need to play Test Matches and One day Internationals.

NEW PLAYER GENERATOR OF 'INTERNATIONAL CRICKET' This is really two programs in one, separate Player Generators for Test Match players and for one-day players (using the latest ODI Charts), and offers, in extremely user-friendly programs, the opportunity to create Player Cards for virtually any set of batting and bowling stats  for either code. Full printing facilities are built-in and a series of Help screens make using the programs a doddle.


Another cricket game I was also involved with

Playtesting  is:

Cricket World

Cricket World' is the latest offering in the 5/6 Series, although in this case it would be more accurate to call this a 4/5/6 design. It will enable the user to stage 5-day Test Matches in under one hour using the Layer One version, adding on Layers Two, Three and Four will add much more detail at the cost of a longer playing time, but even at Layer Four a 5-day match should be possible in about 90 minutes once the system is thoroughly understood.

Whereas the more detailed cricket simulation 'International Cricket' is much like watching a complete match, ball-by- ball, 'Cricket World' shows you just the highlights, the fall of wickets, the dropped catches and the declined appeals. At Level Four you will still have most of the stats. details you require, batsmen's scores, bowlers' figures, but you won't find the individual personalities that the Player Cards in 'International Cricket' provide, for 'Cricket World' is based on Team Ratings for Batting and Bowling (fielding ability is reflected in the Bowling Ratings), both of which are taken from real-life stats., either for a full calendar year or for a specific series. The good thing, of course, is that you can construct your own Ratings for a particular year or series, we show you how to do that. Having said that, our plan is to publish shortly after this simulation is issued, a booklet Rating all countries for every year since Test cricket started - when that happens you will be able to play any Test match from history, or match the best of one era against the best of another, the match-ups are virtually endless.

Finally, they also provide rules for playing 3 and 4 day matches, so that you can research your own County, State or Island teams and run domestic competitions, assuming, of course, that you are not overwhelmed by the many, many replay hours that are contained in this basic package.




Minden Playing Card Cricket - Classic Cricket Board Game

Minden Playing Card Cricket 5th Edition is the latest edition of game designer, Gary Graber’s, perennial cricket game which has been around since the late 70s. Completely updated and redesigned with new and revised rules for pitch conditions, weather, bowling and other bits and pieces, the game is fast gathering a new audience.

Minden Cricket Board Game Game - 5th Edition

Minden Playing Card Cricket 5th Edition is an updated version of the classic cricket board game which has kept sports replay gamers entertained and enthralled for more than 30 years. The 5th Edition contains new rules such as detailed pitch conditions, weather, bowler stamina and exceptional abilities, all of which add to the already solid, statistically accurate game engine which has stood the test of time.

The Minden Playing Card Cricket 5th Edition core game includes rules for Basic and Advanced versions of the game, charts, dice, playing pieces, score sheets, a playing board and dozens of statistically accurate player cards and ratings.

The game is played using a standard deck of playing cards, and allows you to replay Test Matches using players who perform like their real life counterparts. All the rules and nuances of Test cricket are replicated, from new ball behaviour, the ability to get swing in the right conditions, form slumps, hat tricks, the ability to be “mankad”, and much more.
What you get:
The 5th Edition of Minden Playing Card Cricket is a board game and is mailed out with a full set of the latest Advanced Player Career Cards printed on high quality stock. These cards are based on players from the nine Test match playing countries.


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