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HEADED GOAL   (Version 3 )

Text based soccer replay simulation from ROOGAMES, very realistic and fun to play, decisions to take or watch it autoplay. THE Soccer Replay Game for the computer !!

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An excellent thinking mans soccer management game, not so many features you cant remember what's going on but enough to keep you immersed and playing.

If you want a graphical Soccer Manager style games this game is very good. It gets my first place vote this year for the first time. I have not liked the lack of playing field in the past, just text but last year this was addressed. HOWEVER last year there were in my view a number of issues with it but this year it seems to be there ! You might prefer one of the others so try the  demos. Click on the link above for Football Manager 2012

If you want a graphical Soccer Manager style games this game is also very good. It has had my first place vote over the others for the last few years until 2010 when I personally liked Football Manager 2010 better - try the demos and see.  Go see FIFA Manager 2012  by clicking on the link above .


  The Beautiful Game

This HAS as to be THE BEST non computer soccer game there is !

The Beautiful Game is an accurate replay game, accurate in results that is, and goal scorers, but unlike most soccer replay games it requires no user-decisions (which will appeal to some but not all) and is fast to play, just four to ten minutes per match, depending on how much you want to know in terms of stats.

'BG' is a layer game, three layers in this case, the basic quick-result is layer one, add on some personality with goal scorers, times of goals, that's layer two, and get involved in some simple book-keeping by recording (generic) bookings and injuries and rewarding winning form, plus adding some 'joining up' commentary, that's layer three. Even with all three layers most matches will take no more than 6-7 minutes, unless it's a real cracker !                                   Lambourne / Owzat Games

The FA Cup Game

A game that will enable you to stage your own version of the event - not really  a simulation as the contents of this package in no way attempts to 'simulate' any particular F.A. Cup year, but instead provides you with the tools to run your own competition for any year, at any stage of the season, provided you have the full English league tables then current. Expect the unexpected, worry when your favourite Premiership team decides to field a very much under-strength team at home against the latest 'giant-killer',                                  Lambourne / Owzat Games

==================================================================== a table top game but isn't a highlight game. Statistically, a game should come up to about 271 rolls of the dice, meaning (including extra time) each roll will consist of about 20 seconds of action. The game highlights what may have been the particular important play during that period of time. Players should perform reasonably accurate to what their actual stats were during the season if you use them with similar playing time. Nearly ALL action is taken from the player cards themselves, there are limited other charts and they will be remembered after a few games.

How long does it take to play? 45 mins to an hour - It really depends on how many stats you keep. most of my time is spent filling in detailed scoresheets and full time reports if you wish to keep them to read later. Teams perform based on the individual players' abilities on that team. There isn't a team rating for defense that just makes a team great defensively regardless who is on the pitch. The same goes for offense.  And because the players are statistically designed for so many aspects of soccer, they really do play with their individual characteristics.  There isn't a system that you declare you want to be a certain formation and suddenly through some magic universal chart the team suddenly becomes better or worse because you declare it. THE PLAYERS you put on the pitch determine that. If you are up by 1 with 10 minutes left, if you want to become more defensive, a defensive midfielder's or a defender's card will help encourage that shift in play based on their card performances. If you want to attack for a goal with three forwards, chances are you'll get more scoring chances, but the lack of quality players with a lot of tackles, interecepts and shot ability on them means you are tempting on getting burned as well. If I want to be a 4-5-1, my players on the pitch better reveal that and you'll see that type of play out of your team. You can't just say "I'm being defensive" and keep three forwards out on the pitch. That won't work -.everything is statistically derived

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Edwards Meeks creation of Goal Pro Soccer back in 2002 has now been turned into a standalone PC version by Mike Tingle with his approval and recently released as a FREE game..........

Its a neat little game, plays well and accurately, and is well worth adding to your collection. Below I have posted files for the Board Game and also the PC game itself, with add on seasons or cards you can download to use.  Many thanks to Edward Meek and Mike Tingle for this excellent addition to the available soccer games.

If any users create seasons they would like added here for the community please send them to me to host !  I created the 2013-14 EPL and added below.

Right click and save as:

Goal Pro Soccer PC

Automated version of the game in excel

Basic Rules and details for the Board game

Goal Pro Rules ver 3

Formulas to rate teams


All Time Teams for PC 8.7.14

1971-72 Teams for PC Game 8.6.14

1971 NASL Teams for PC Game 24.7.14

1992-93 Teams for PC Game 23.6.14

97-98 and other teams for PC Game

2002-3 Teams for PC Game 8.6.14

2014 Premier League for PC 7.6.14


All Time Teams 8.7.14

1971-72 English First Division

2001 EPL

2002 EPL

2002 LaLiga

2002 World Cup

Please visit our page by clicking on the name above to learn about LOGACTA SOCCER  game and also LEAGUE TRACKER league management software


SOCCER BLAST Pro Soccer Game

SOCCER BLAST is designed to bridge the gap between highly detailed soccer games that play in the 90-120 minute range and quick-play games which are primarily designed to generate realistic scores. We've taken the basic game engine from our hockey and lacrosse games, and modified it to capture the more refined nuances of classic football. The result: a sports board game that gives fans everything they love about watching soccer, captured in a 30-45 minute game window.

Despite the quick playing time, SOCCER BLAST gives you surprising detail and the genuine sense of witnessing a full, realistic football match from start to finish.


New to the Soccer  offerings, APBA Soccer comes with 4 classic European teams to choose from.  From the coaches perspective you manage your team and set the strategy to put them in position and lead them to victory!

APBA Soccer is a great game to enjoy a quick match or to learn the different facets and strategy of the worlds favorite pastime. APBA Soccer is not a play-by-play simulation to allow for speed and enjoyable game play but includes all the intricacies of soccer and still allow you to complete a full game in less than an hour APBA Soccer includes a number of optional rules which give you more involvement in the game. The more you choose to incorporate, the more control you have over the game

Enjoy International teams, European league teams, or American teams! Historical and current teams are available Mix and match and pit your favorites against any foe you desire.

There are some aspects of the basic game system the soccer purist might not like, BUT the big benefit is that the game comes with all basic and optional rules and you can add your own to get it playing exactly how you feel it should if you are not happy with it as out of the box. But its a good soccer game as it stands.


 Diggin Deep Worlds Game

Diggin Deep: Worldís Game (DDWG), brought to you by Diggin Deep Sports. With this game, you should be able to re-create a match of soccer complete with all the decisions that the coach would make. You decide who to pick and who to drop. You decide who to start and who to save as a substitute. You name the starting keeper. There are also plenty of Ďin gameí decisions to make. Do I take a shot from the scoring zone, or try to penetrate for a better scoring chance. If the game is tied late in the second half, do I play conservative, or do I play aggressive and go for the win? My star midfielder just collapsed due to heat exhaustion. How do I replace his offense? How do I replace his defense? Once you have a solid understanding of the cards, charts, and gameplay, you should be able to play a full regulation match in about thirty minutes


Glory on the Pitch

Glory on the Pitch Lamp, brought to you by Diggin Deep Sports. With Glory on the Pitch, you can re-create a full soccer match in about ten minutes, complete with the following:


Complete list of goal scorers, time of goals, and assists

Complete set of stats for selected players (Goals, Assists, Shots, Shots on Goal, Yellow Cards, Red Cards)

Complete keeper stats

In game strategies (Who to start? / When to sub? / Who to sub?)

Team Formations (Heavy offense / Heavy Defense / Balanced Attack)

For players that only play one half...Which half to play?


Individual cards means you can have draft leagues, and not be locked into stock teams. Within five minutes, youíll have a final score complete with total shots on goal (per half). You also have the option of tracking the stats of up to three players from each squad. An entire match along with stats for certain players can be played in about ten to fifteen minutes.




Mean Marks EPL Challenge


Mark Crankshaw has sent me details of his Soccer Game which can be found and downloaded here with instructions and all details. Go check it out !  In his own words:-

"Iíve just completed the latest version of a soccer game that Iíve designed. I played a lot of Strat-o-Matic as a kid, and Iíve always wondered how SOM would have handled soccer. Iíve taken the liberty of producing a game as I would imagine that Strat-o-Matic would. The 2011-2012 English Premier League game Iíve designed should be statistically accurate, fun to play, and have most of the results read of the player cards just as with SOMís other games"


Nick Cantwell's MATCH DAY SOCCER


MNick Cantwell  has sent me details of his Soccer Game which can be DOWNLOADED here with instructions and all details. Download and check it out !!

The overall game is in Excel which features everything, with an added page with rules and charts in pdf format for easy printing. It's a relatively straightforward game that sees one fixture played in around 5 to 10 minutes. In writing it he tried to create the almost unexpected nature of football, so you've got the goal chances alongside the game events (penalties, injuries and sending offs). Each game is divided into six 15 minute segments, where dice rolls will resolve both the score and the game events.