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Becoming the best Hockey replay simulations for windows, with the added fun of basic ball and player movement on the screen. Excellent customer service guaranteed. 2013 version just released.

Link here or click on screenshot


Get ready for big-time hockey action with's HOCKEY BLAST Pro Hockey Game sports simulation board game! HOCKEY BLAST re-creates hockey action like no hockey board game ever has, making it feel like you're sitting in the $1000 seats--center ice, front row, right behind the glass!

HOCKEY BLAST is designed to fill a unique niche in the world of pro hockey board games! It's a game that's easy to learn, fun and FAST to play, with realistic stats and results. Imagine watching a string of hockey highlights on ESPN, a possession-by-possession break-down of EVERY key moment of a pro hockey game. That's what playing HOCKEY BLAST is like. The HOCKEY BLAST game book crystallizes the crucial action of each minute of play--and YOU watch the drama unfold, minute-by-minute! The result is the feel of having watched a complete hockey game--all the big hits, big plays, fights, saves, goals--everything condensed into a half-hour or so of game time.


Quest Hockey Simulator

Found by me by accident (!) , Ice Hockey simulation, stats based for windows by Joe Gucciardo. There aren't many worthwhile hockey games out there but to me this has been the best one to date, take part in the game or watch it auto play. Click on Logo above for Link.


Inside the Crease Hockey Game

This game was recommended to me but have no personal experience of the game myself

There are two versions of the game available. A traditional board game with cards and a PC port of same but played fully on the Windows platform.

Inside the Crease (ITC) hockey is a tabletop simulation of the fast-paced game of pro hockey. In keeping with the pace of the sport of hockey this game uses double-sided Fast Action Cards (FAC) to move the game right along.

From the first face off players will perform on the ice like no other simulation out there. Skaterís cards are broken down with four separate offensive columns based on whether your team is at even strength, in the power play, shorthanded or the column for rebounds and great feed passes. These cards donít just tell you whether a player takes a shot but the quality of the shot as well. Some guys will be shooting at the twine with quality shots most of the time while others will just be putting the puck towards the net.




This game is now back on the computer and can be found here where there is a demo available.  Suggest try before you buy as I was unable to get the game going on my windows 7 machine due to error messages but many state what a good game it now