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Three Dice games all come with a similar format of using three dice for each facet which is usually a movement but may also add other options as well.  The system also allows for better results to be carried forward as assets while poor throws are carried forward as defects.  With race type games such as horse racing and athletics each runner can have his own style of running.  

 I always like to design games so that people can rate their own participants.

.........John Bowness


Three Dice ODI        NEW !!

Image result for one day cricket


This is a relatively quick(ish) play game with the same sort of concept as my Test Match game, this time I feel I have explained the system very fully, although most have cottoned on fairly quickly to the Outscore and Remainder concept.  One throw of three 10x dice brings up a score for a player (percentage chart) which incorporates variations with the third die.  I have trialled it fairly comprehensively and feel it gives good results with exciting matches and much better long term stats than anticipated, in the same way the Test Match game does.  I take 40 minutes for a 50 overs innings without rushing which is a fair bit quicker than ball by ball.  This would supplement any other longer game for tours etc as well as being an ideal stand alone game.

Very basically you have two systems running in parallel: one using three 6x dice for how many runs are scored by the team every five overs using a chart which depends on how many wickets have fallen.  In between this each batsman has a throw of three 10x dice to find their score (there is an option to incorporate one 6x die for extras).  As you go along these are married together to keep the innings going along at a decent rate with bowlers emerging with runs from their 10 (or less) overs and the batsmen with their scores.  The one thing I haven't done is incorporated a strike rate for batsmen as it would increase the time to play by a large margin as well as being complicated.  If someone with a mathematical bent cannot live without a strike rate it would be possible for them to add one to suit themselves.

The game comes with rules by way of a pdf and an excel file with a decent scorecard to use with everything set out (and an example scorecard), as well as charts which print onto two pages which can be used back to back and I have included ratings for 12 International teams.  As I try to do with all mine it is very easy to rate your own and you can try anything from internationals to county and even rate all time greats bearing in mind the need to be careful because of the increase in scoring in different eras.

This has been in the pipeline for two years but, even though I am not a massive fan of one day cricket, I have been enjoying these matches which throw up some really close finishes.  I am putting this at 7.00 by way of Paypal to the payment address below  I honestly feel people who enjoy this type of contest will enjoy this game.


Winning Chance Quick Soccer        NEW !!

Image result for soccer

John said he knows there are millions of soccer replays out there already but this is a little different and is based on percentage dice.  The emphasis was on easy: easy to play and easy to rate any league around the World and back in the time (I am a great believer in allowing people to rate their own).

GAME ENGINE.  Two throws of percentage dice for each match.  For the first throw the ratings for each team are compared (home rating v away rating) which produces a number-- the chances of either team winning.  The thrown number is then compared to a chart to see who has won (or a draw).

From that the ease of the win will emerge and one of five charts will be consulted for the second throw to find the actual score.  That is it.  Long term over a season it should be statistically accurate although the draws will be just a little down.  Obviously shocks will occur, that's what replaying is all about.

I am also supplying ratings for the 2015/16 English Premier League and Championship as well as the 2014 World Cup so you can get the flavour.  Within half an hour of the final match of the 2016/17 season all the EPR ratings could be done and ready to go.

To order it is 5 to the ordering details below


Three Dice Marathon     

I have had this on the back burner for a couple of years and realised recently I was probably trying to make it too complicated when all people want is a relatively simple concept the flows reasonably and come up with realistic results.  I think I have managed to do that.  Anyone who has my sprint game up to 400 metres will find that this has similar format, but obviously longer.  A marathon needs that time to develop correctly and have ebbs and flows such as breaks and groups of runners.  In this case there are 14 turns each catering for 2 miles except the final three turns.  The basic game comes with a simple helper that adds up the movement for you and this also has 104 All Time Greats, none absolutely modern but you could soon add these should you wish.

There are only two charts to consult -- one for the movement and one at the end of a turn to see if any runners made a break.  Better athletes have an early chance to grab a leading place which gives them more chances of making a break.  There is another chart for the end of a race for times.  It is possible to rate your own within certain parameters as the marathon is actually not easy to rate with the different conditions which I have not done anything about.  Enterprising gamers will come up with all sorts of ideas for catering for weather and/or hilly courses.

It is 5 at the ordering details below



Image result for horse racing

This game is based on the concept of Win Place and Show, a game I enjoyed many years ago.  I have made it into a spreadsheet game and it caters for 12 runners instead of the original 6.  I have kept to the concept of having one throw for all runners each turn with bonuses, baulking, sneaking past and being shoved to an wider lane all catered for, but in a different way.  With the game comes 200 ATG's and a few Epsom Derby's to re-run.

The original WP&S was great fun but I wanted to create something along the same lines but without the need for the original game.  It could be converted to National Hunt as I have the ideal jumping errors on my existing Three Dice game, but it has already taken some time to develop so it may be in the future should people take to this one.  I might have a look at using existing ratings, some of which you have done, as this would be ideal.  The biggest difference would be one throw per turn rather than per horse

Click here to e-mail him to request a FREE copy !!


Three Dice Athletics

Game  includes 56 ATG 100 metre runners with their own running styles.

 Events included are the 100m, 200m, 400m plus the two Hurdle distances, men and women.  Minimum five turns to allow race development.

Purchase for UK 5

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Three Dice Horse Racing

Image result for horse racing

The game includes 277 ATG horses with their own running styles.

5f to 2 miles with four to seven turns.  Betting and handicaps as optional rules.

Purchase for UK 5


Three Dice National Hunt

Image result for horse racing

 Is a completely self contained game and comes with three recent "big" races to whet your appetite and so that people can get used to the system, as well as 50 ATG Cheltenham Gold Cup runners and the top 200 chasers of the 2012 season in Britain.

The jump ability ratings work very well and are I believe are unique and, percentage wise, should be very accurate.  Once again my main task was to come up with a game that people can very easily rate their own runners for overall ratings, turn by turn as well as jumping ability.  This means they can re-run and pre-run any race(s) as well as use the horses provided.

 As time goes by I aim to supply lists of hurdles runners as the game works equally well with hurdles as with chases.

Purchase for UK 5



Image result for one day cricket

I am launching this hoping it fills a little gap, not being keen on T20 myself.

It is quick play in that you deal with four overs at a time which anticipates five batsmen and involves two bowlers, each bowling two overs at that time.  Level One involves absolutely no individual stats, it simply gives you a team score and wickets down after 20 overs (or earlier).  This level takes around 7 minutes per innings.  Level Two gives you batting and bowling stats by way of a, so called, KEYMAN.  This batsman scores 60% of the runs during the current 4 overs with the other runs spread amongst the other four.  This level extends the time to around 15 minutes per innings but will enable you to keep batting and bowling averages.  Both levels are played the same so will come up with the same overall score.

TEAMS are rated with the batsmen fitting in with whatever individual ratings this gives and the same with the bowlers.  One throw of PERCENTAGE DICE will give you the keyman, the higher up the order the better, as well as how many wicket (if any) fall.  Then another throw will give you the overall score for those four overs.

In testing (International teams) scores range from under 100 to just over 200 (but will go higher or lower) while it is possible for an individual to reach 100, but not often.  Marcus Ayton helped tremendously with the players so there are the top 16 International teams in current ranking order (August 2017) with a sample 11 players each time.  There will also be a file with additional players you can mix and match with.  I have also ranked the recent English T20 event for teams but will leave it to you to slot the players in.  It is very easy to rate teams yourself.

7 by Paypal to:




Three Dice Soccer

Image result for soccer

This is a FREE GAME for the simple reason that it explains how you can rate all your own leagues, World Cups, etc., etc. It does come with English and Scottish Premier Leagues 2012/13 and 2010 World Cup for examples.

Simple to play and very quick.  There is a master chart to tell you what the score is, although there may be an adjustment if the two red die are the same (a double).  All you need is the home team's goal difference and the away team's goal difference, then you take one from the other, and roll.  

It is excel so RIGHT CLICK and SAVE AS the link below .

Three Dice Soccer


Three Dice Archery

Image result for archery

I am offering this game for free, mainly because I don't think many will bother as it is not a sport that has the sort of excitement other sports have as it is somewhat repetitious.  However I think the game depicts the sport well enough to satisfy anyone who enjoys archery.

What you get:  An excel file as I know some people like to juggle a bit with the basics.

There is a Quick Play Ranking Round where (for the Olympics for example) all the archers shoot 72 arrows to find an overall ranking.  There is then a separate game engine for the knock out rounds for the top 64.  In this they shoot up to five sets of three arrows per set (2 points for win 1 for draw) until someone reaches 6 points.  If it finishes 5-5 there is a Golden Arrow rule for them to shoot one arrow to see who finishes nearest the bull.  The 64 archers who contested at the 2016 Olympics are included, together with their Ranking Round scores which means you can have a further "Replay" ranking round if you wish.  There is also a list of the current top 20 men archers with rankings to do what you like with.  There is also an option to play the Ranking Round not quick play should you prefer

Three Dice Archery


Three Dice Quick Play Cricket         

     Image result for one day cricket

Basic game description is that there is one throw for each batsman, then a throw to see how he is out, then another if there is a caught for the catcher.  It is then up to individuals how d much deeper they go with things like weather, pitch conditions etc but those throws are only once per match or once per day.  

The basic quick play element producing team scores, batting scores and bowlers number of wickets can be played within an hour.

However, I felt that more, if not all, gamers would want something deeper so you will find the ability to add weather, pitch conditions, run rates, bowling analysis, run chases etc, as well as various ways of adding slight variations.  And something I feel is very important is the fact that you can easily rate all your own players from their career averages as well as giving them ratings for actual series if you prefer.  To be safe this probably adds another hour to the game play.

This is a little deeper game play than the other games on the page but still very much quick playing.

Purchase for UK 10 at the address below

FREE DOWNLOADS for use with this game:

1983 county championship

Current Test ratings 2015

Ashes - Bodyline Series



Image result for decathlon

"I am really pleased with this.  It comes with 32 ready rated athletes from the last 40/50 years, including Daley Thompson.

It comes by way of a spreadsheet as there are simple helpers for each event. Such as adding movement in races, recording the various throws and distances. Each event is a game in its own right and can be used for Elite Athletes if need be as it is relatively easy to rate your own.  If you prefer them to be in pdf form it is very easy to change them should you wish. 

The running races are old favourites for those who know the Athletics game but the other events have a number of new ideas and I am particularly pleased with the long jump which has great potential."

John Bowness.

Purchase for UK 10 at the address below



Image result for golf

Two 10 side dice of different colours are needed.  In other words percentage dice.  Just for interest I find that 20-sided dice where a number such as 16 would be counted as 6 roll much better than standard ten sided dice.  The game can be played either Match Play (for what it was originally designed) or Stroke Play (which actually works very well).
Each player has a rating which is usually between minus 3 to plus 6, although very occasionally they could be slightly more.  This will be the amount each roll is adjusted for each hole.
Each course has a rating for each hole ranging from 0 to either plus or minus 6 to depict how difficult the hole is.  The ratings for each hole (Player and Hole) are combined to give an overall rating for that hole.  The ratings are whole figures and it is very simple adding or subtracting each time and very quick.


This is the main item with rolls from 00 up to 99 giving results, most of which are adjusted by the ratings described above.  Each hole has been carefully assessed to give an accurate adjustment and will very much impact with the player's rating as to how they perform.  The top five results, 95 to 99, are different out of the blue results ranging from going out of bounds to chipping in from the fairway.

Also included are 64 All Time Great golfers ready rated.  The top 60 (at the time of writing) in the Race to Dubai for this season.  It may change in the two/three week intervening but will be accurate enough to either simply play the final event (in advance) or you could play through a whole season, or part season.  And the 2016 Ryder Cup already rated with a full scorecard (all the events) ready to use with the "real" players in place.  There are a few courses with this issue including Dubai and Hazeldine.

A Quick Play version which uses the same player ratings as well as a one-off assessment of the course -- one roll produces a score for a whole round so you could play (say) three rounds quick play and the final round hole by hole.  Using the same basic ratings means you can mix and match.

It is relatively easy to rate both players and courses once you are into the game but I would like to issue full PGA and British Tour seasons rated if there is enough interest.  There is plenty to be going on with but scope to add.  I will certainly be adding more courses as I want those for myself.

Because it is actually something I have been working on for several months before the final "eureka" moment and a fair bit of research It comes as an excel file so you can do what you like with it and add to it as you see fit.

Purchase for UK 10 at the address below 


Quick Play Table Tennis

Image result for a table tennis

I had not intended this to be anything other than a local thing, designed for my own league, largely because it is very simple and very quick.  However, I was surprised when playing a few matches I had actually physically played in for real how accurate the results were.  

In the end I thought one or two might enjoy the simple format that could actually be adapted for a number of one-to-one match ups in other sports.  It is just that the scores rolled lend themselves nicely to an 11-up total.

Two 10x dice are needed, one for each player (or pair as doubles can be played).  The scores rolled give you the final score depending on how the players compare in skill, the better players always have an edge (no pun intended), the better players a bigger edge.  The only time "long play" is needed is if the scores come out at 10-10, each point of deuce is then played for.  Having said that a long play point by point version can be played although it is not designed for that.

As usual it comes as an excel file with all the rules etc, and there is only one small chart to consult before each match-up, the rest being simple addition.  I have included my own league division and I have also included the top 128 World Men and top 128 England Men.  If anyone become wildly keen it is possible to get your own other ranking lists (Women or other countries).

I am charging a nominal 5.  

Purchase for UK 5 at the address below




direct from John Bowness

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