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The ONLY game to contain ALL major racing breeds of the US and the WORLD!  Over 5,000 current and all-time great race horses have been rated.

Stage dramatic Kentucky Derbies, Hambletonians, Breeders Crowns, Breeders Cups, and more!!  Or create exciting dream races to determine the greatest race horses of all-time!  Game options include placing bets, timing races & more!

Since only one roll of the dice per horse per race is all that is normally needed, a series of races can be run in a relatively short period of time.

Game is delivered via email as a pdf (Adobe Acrobat) file upon receipt of payment.

Pat has promised to continue doing annual rating sets to keep the game updated.

Click on the photo above for more info and to order........... highly recommended

THOROUGHBREDS:  Seabiscuit, Phar Lap, Secretariat, Man O'War, Barbaro, Citation, Ribot, Ormonde, Carbine, Sea Bird, Curlin, Goldikova, Zenyatta, Rachel Alexandra, Black Caviar, Frankel... 

EVERY Kentucky Derby winner, EVERY Triple Crown winner, and EVERY winner of EVERY BREEDERS' CUP race.

EVERY winner of EVERY Triple Crown race for BOTH Trotters & Pacers.

STEEPLECHASERS: Lonesome Glory, Flatterer, Arkle, Neji, McDynamo, Moscow Flyer, Kauto Star, Best Mate, Good And Plenty AND MUCH MORE...............



Probably the MOST realistic horse racing table top simulation game using real life horses and races. 2009-2010 Breeders Cup, 1937 Season, and Best of the 20th Century Sets available so far BUT the system lets you rate and run ANY Race if you have the data. A few dice rolls are needed per horse in this quick playing system. Click on the photo above and go take a look - you will get hooked I promise you !!


We created BOWL-O-RAMA to be a bowling board game that can be played in a number of different ways, because more CHOICES, means more FUN! You can enjoy the game in "participation mode," as described above, where you actually get to BE the bowler(s) and experience the tension and thrill of throwing the strikes yourself! OR, you can play the game in "spectator mode," sitting in the gallery and "watching" big-time bowlers show their stuff. There's also a "quick play mode" where you can roll an entire game in just seconds! This will make it possible to complete entire league seasons, establish averages, or conduct qualifying rounds quickly and easily, and STILL with plenty of fun and excitement!


ROLLER RUMBLE roller derby board game is EASY to play, even if you've never played a sports simulation board game before. It's TEXT based, not numerical, so there are no complicated indexes to calculate, no adding or subtracting. The game uses a deck of fast action cards, and will simply ask you to check a particular skater or skaters for a specific attribute--"is she MEAN?" "Is he BIG?" Depending on the answer, certain game actions will or won't happen. It's that simple. One trip through the deck equals a period of play, so the game times itself! ROLLER RUMBLE plays FAST--you can easily finish a full eight-period game in about 40 minutes. If you want, you can finish even faster with ROLLER RUMBLE's "TV Version," which--like the roller derby telecasts of the 1960s and '70s--joins the game at halftime.


If you're a solitaire sports simulation board gamer, you'll be glad to know THIS: we made this game so that you can have a GREAT time with this game all by yourself, as you watch true-to-life professional lacrosse action unfold on your living room or game room table top! If you're fortunate enough to have friends who share your interest in sports simulation board games, so much the better--you can play LACROSSE BLAST head-to-head, each of you taking your favorite team in a single-game, tournament or full-blown league campaign setting. BUT, you don't have to let a lack of an opponent keep you from enjoying this action-packed board game simulation of professional indoor lacrosse! It's just as much fun to play by yourself! Pick one of the pro teams and see if you can improve on its real-life performance! Make a couple trades to improve your club. Draft your OWN team, and play a schedule against the remainder of the pro league. Or, choose our fictional card set and create your very OWN, unique pro sports experience! LACROSSE BLAST Pro Indoor Lacrosse simulation board game lets YOU be the coach, general manager and commissioner of your own professional lacrosse league!


Ruck and Maul

Roogames' computerised conversion of Lambourne Games Rugby Union Dice based Simulation

'Between The Posts'




In there 5/6 series of dice based table top games Lambourne Games have produced

Rugby World

Rugby world comes with the 6 Nations & Heineken Cup teams of 2006

They have taken the 5/6 system used in the very popular soccer simulation 'The Beautiful Game', and adapted it for use in this quick-playing Rugby Union sim. Users of 'BG' will notice many similarities but there are differences too, mostly brought about because of the very different ways that soccer and rugby matches develop. We have retained the Chance and Half-Chance Card concepts although those expressions are hardly relevant to Rugby Union. Maybe they could have used the terms 'Dangerous Attacks' and 'Possible Scoring Situations' instead, but the end result is the same.

Playing time per match is around 8-10 minutes, nearly twice that as in 'BG', but we found no way of reducing it below that sort of figure while still retaining the sort of detail which most of you seem to enjoy.



Replay World of Sailing

Lambourne Games simulation is based on, but not limited to, the sailing events included in the 2012 Olympic Games. We have included in the package the Men’s Finn, Star and 49er Classes, and for the ladies the Laser-Radial and 470 Classes. These represent a typical cross-section of the type of racing seen at Weymouth for the Olympics and hopefully will provide exciting replay racing.

Each Class consists of between 16 to 26 boats (but see Note ! below). There are ten races (but see Note 2 below) plus a Medal Race which is contested by the ten top boats from the original Class races. Points are scored for each boat finishing a race depending on finishing position, 1 point for finishing first, two for second, etc., etc. Boats that fail to finish or compete in a race are given a points score equalling the number of boats in the fleet, plus one. In calculating the points total to determine who sails in the Medal Race the worst score is dropped, and, obviously, the lowest ten scores go into the Medal Race. In the Medal Race itself the Class score totals are carried forward (less the dropped race score) and points are doubled up in the Medal Race, so the winner scores two, the fourth boat eight, etc.

The total of Class points and Medal Race points determine the destination of the medals, if equal the better placed boat in the Medal Race takes preference.

Races are run in varying wind conditions, usually with wind speeds between about eight knots and twenty-two. Some sailor/boat combinations prefer light wind conditions, some do better in moderate or strong winds, and we reflect this by giving three Skill Ratings (SRs), one for Light, one for Moderate and one for Strong. The SRs are a very important part of the design and ensure that the better sailor/boat combinations will usually feature at the front of the fleet when the Finish Gun goes, but, of course, there can be surprise results.

Races take around 30 minutes to replay, with a Start and then seven legs taking the boats around the marks that have been placed to set the course. The legs vary from Beat (a tacking leg into the wind), Reach (with the wind coming at right angles to the boat), Close Reach (the wind is coming at any angle of about 30-45 degrees towards the front of the boat), Broad Reach (wind from behind but at an angle of 30-45 degrees) and Run (the windward leg, wind more or less directly behind, spinnakers used if the Class has them - Finn and Laser-Radial don’t have them). The main tactic of this type of sailing is to find and use the best wind available, and this often means tacking to the opposite side of the course to the bulk of the fleet. This is a risky business for two reasons, firstly the wind may not be more favourable on that side even though you think you’ve spotted dark patches on the water that indicates the surface is being affected by stronger gusts, and secondly if the separation (the distance between the two parts of the fleet) is wide a sudden wind shift may favour the main part of the fleet but will not help you, so, maybe, your main opponent in the Class will gain a big advantage over you. In ‘RWoIS’ we simulate this risk-taking, for good or bad, and it may be a decisive factor in the race. Where boats use both side of the course their route to the mark converge from different directions and this too can be important as a boat that is windward of another has the advantage and the leeward boat has to give way by gybing to avoid contact. This can sometimes mean that its line to the mark is disrupted to such an extent that it needs to circle round to approach it again.

Another close-up-and-personal tactic is to try to mess with an opponent’s air (creating ‘dirty’ or ‘bad’ air) by getting between the wind and the other boat, denying your opponent the speed-creating wind. On a Run this can often result in a spinnaker losing its shape and collapsing, causing a serious loss of speed which is difficult to recover. In all types of legs the boats gybe and luff to change direction by getting the wind on the opposite side of the sail. The extreme of this is tacking where the boat zig-zags against the wind, the only way it can make progress on an upwind leg. All these procedures can create problems and provide opportunities to gain an advantage over other boats and in this simulation the commentary will try to explain briefly what is happening.

With 24-plus boats and eight Turns per race we obviously can’t provide a detailed graphical display of the race. We don’t even attempt to simulate exactly what is happening to every boat each Turn, but we do chart the gains and losses of about 50% of the boats and this, plus the use of the SRs, ensure that the fleet becomes realistically separated during the course of a race while keeping the results accurate and the playing time to around 30 minutes per race.

While each type of leg is different in nature the effect on the boats in game terms is quite similar – some will gain and some will lose ‘ground’ vis-a-viz the fleet. However, Beats are likely to provide more opportunities for gain or loss, and Runs the least, so this is reflected in the various Charts. We also provide a selection of courses for you to select from, and these contain a different number of the various types of legs, and this affects to some extent the nature of the races. The Mens’ 49ers use what is called a Windward Course where the legs are either beats or runs, but more of that later. The races are run in Light. Moderate or Strong winds, rolled for before the race starts. This affects which SR to use and also affects the Distance-to-Time conversion which will be fully explained in the Rules.

Highly recommended


Pro Wrestling Superstar

Action-Packed Live Matches on your PC

Run singles, four-man tag, six-man tag, Triple Threat, and Fatal Four-Way matches. Enable or disable countouts, adjust the time limit, and configure matches to your liking. Choose from a variety of match types such as Steel Cage, Texas Death, Russian Chain, Battle Royal, and many more!Create and customize wrestlers with the Wrester Builder. Export wrestlers to PDF or HTML files. Sixty wrestlers are included to help jumpstart a promotion. Direct access to an online wrestler repository with thousands of wrestlers available! You choose the wrestlers you want and PWS will download and install them for you! Track wins and losses for wrestlers and tag-teams with the Results Database. Export match history for wrestlers and tag-teams to HTML files. Easily manage a promotion/federation. Create a roster and the championships for the promotion. PWS also tracks title histories for each promotion. Create and customize managers/valets using the Manager Editor. Managers can provide that extra "assistance" that can completely change the momentum of a match! Run singles and tag-team tournaments with any number of competitors using the Tournament Manager. Export tournament results to an HTML file.



This is NOT a replay game but if you are in to Horse Racing then in my view its the one you MUST look at. Excellent game and graphics. Version 5 recently released. Click on the image above for more information and look at the forum for many user created enhancement mods.

  • Train, own, breed, bet, ride and race with the most realistic horse racing game available.
  • Vast horse racing game world with thousands of horses and realistic race commentary.
  • Fields of up to 30 runners with the most realistic races ever in a computer game!
  • The only game ever to accurately simulate UK jumps racing with a full realistic calendar including the Aintree Grand National and Cheltenham Gold Cup and hundreds more!
  • Hundreds of world-wide premiere races such as the Melbourne Cup, the Breeders Cup, the Cheltenham Gold Cup and the Irish and Aintree Grand National.
  • Easy to play alone, with friends or others in the online league.
  • Dynamic never ending horse racing game world. Play season after season.
  • Play either UK (flat or jumps), IRE (flat or jumps), US (flat) or Australian (flat) game modes! Six horse racing games in one!
  • Stewards enquiries, non-triers, fines, photo finishes, accurate handicapping and many, many more realistic features.



This is NOT a replay game but if you are in to Dog Racing then in my view its the one you MUST look at. Excellent game and graphics. Click on the image above for more information

  • Own, train, breed and race your own greyhounds in the most realistic greyhound management game available!.
  • Realistic racing with bumped, impeded and blocked dogs.
  • Realistic race calendar and feature races with heats, semis and finals!
  • Variable weather effects and both evening and daylight racing!
  • Dynamic never ending game world. Play season after season.
  • Thousands of greyhounds.
  • 28 UK greyhound circuits.
  • Over 100 computer controlled trainers to compete against.
  • Detailed racecards. Just like the real thing.
  • Accurate betting with realistic and changing odds.
  • Export your greyhounds and compete against other trainers greyhounds



Board and PC Versions can be found here of a simple and excellent game of Bowling, click on the link above.


An excellent Sports Replay Game on Snooker re-released, originally from Lambourne Games and now produced by Colin House of INHOUSE GAMES in colour and downloadable in pdf format. Click on the link or the picture above for more info



AllSnooker.Info - software for snooker fans

If you subscribe this is regularly updated with all the latest snooker stats and tournament results and players information plus past history available as well within the program. Click on the picture for the link.