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Let’s Play Darts

© Philip Gibson, 2017

"Let's Play Darts" is an attempt to replicate the drama of darts in a sports replay game.  Philip has designed both Short Play and Long Play versions of the game, using individual player statistics and dice, to replay tournaments.  So let’s have the very best of order please ladies and gentlemen, it’s game on!

Let’s Play Darts Main Game (Rules) £10.00

  • 2018 PDC World Championship Set (72 players carded) £10.00 (Needs basic game to play)              *NEW*

  • 2017 PDC World Championship Set (Short Play and Long Play) £10.00 (Needs basic game above as well to play)

  • 2016 PDC Season Set (109 Players) £20.00 (Needs basic game above as well to play)

  • 1978 World Championship Set £7.50 (Needs basic game above as well to play)

  • Let’s Play Darts Legends Set £15.00(This set includes great players such as Eric Bristow, Jocky Wilson, John Lowe, Dennis Priestley, Phil Taylor, Michael van Gerwen and many others) (Needs basic game above as well to play)


Some users comments:

'a great solo sports replay game'

'this has quickly become one of my favourite replay games'

'you have designed a game that flows really well'

'your game was more than worth the wait'



FREE ADD ON   created by Paul Govier  (click on blue link)

A 64 player spread sheet for the 2017 PDC World Darts Championships, all you need to do is enter the match score and further rounds will update automatically.    If people want to make a random draw and fill out players names for round 1 Paul will update


FREE ADD ON   created by Mark Welsh from Paul Goviers sheet above  (click on blue link)

A 32 player spread sheet for the 2017 PDC World Darts Matchplay Championships, all you need to do is complete the player sheet in seed order and the matchups for the 1st round will appear on the respective sheet.  Enter the match score and the subsquent rounds will also complete.




direct from PHILIP GIBSON


Go to PAYPAL and use the SEND MONEY via "Friends and Family"option:

Send money to philip.gibson(AT)outlook(DOT)com within paypal via Friends and Family.  Please also send Phil an email to the above address clearly stating what you are ordering and he will process your order personally.

Please be aware that in the interests of security of international copyright, all  rules, player sets and add-ons Philip sells by PDF email format have an embedded hidden code which is unique to your order.  Each file is, therefore, traceable in the event of breach of copyright. All sales made are for your own personal use only and not for sharing in any form.














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Pot Black

© Philip Gibson, 2017


'Pot Black, as its name suggests, is a quick-play game where snooker tournaments and seasons can be replayed in a relatively short space of time on your tabletop.  The game has been designed using actual player statistics and dice in order to replay individual matches, tournaments and even full seasons.  Tournament and season high breaks can also be recorded and tracked, if so desired.  Pot Black produces realistic results but, of course, there is always that shock waiting just around the corner. . . . .'

Pot Black Main Game (Rules) £7.50

  • Pot Black Legends Set £15.00 (This set includes great players such as Alex Higgins, Joe Davis, John Higgins, John Spencer, Mark Selby, Ray Reardon, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Stephen Hendry, Steve Davis and many others)  (Needs basic game to play)
  • 1980/81 Season Set (45 players carded) £10.00 (Needs basic game to play)
  • 1981/82 Season Set (39 players carded) £10.00  (Needs basic game to play)

Some users comments:

‘another clever system’

‘an excellent quick play game’ 

‘each player feels unique’

'I think that Pot Black is one of the best quick play sports games

 I've played’



History Changing Soccer

 and the 2016/17 EPL Season

© Philip Gibson, 2017

History Changing Soccer is a quick-play soccer replay game where you can see what could have happened had the little things turned out differently during an actual season.  Feel the tension grow as the season progresses, with teams battling it out for the title and fighting to avoid relegation.  Find out if you can change soccer history with History Changing Soccer.

History Changing Soccer and the 2016/17 EPL Season is  available for just £10.00.