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A range of excel based and Table Top games sold under the banner of "Simple and Sound"


Simple and Sound Soccer


RocknRandall's Spreadsheet Based Soccer Game - download link below and this is the latest release DEMO.Neat little game for the PC using Excel.


simpleandsound soccer

Simple&Sound Soccer like all the Simple&Sound games are excel based “quick play” games that allow you to play a game in 5 to 10 minutes.  Many of the features are automated.

Pick your teams and the game populates.  Hit one button to move the game along. When you get a goal chance you hit a 2nd button and if you score you hit a third button to see who scores and exact time of goal.


Available now is the range below :


2014 Serie A and La Liga are now complete and ready for sale.

English Premier league for 2014 is now finished as well 

I will be doing Bundesliga and English Championship leagues next.

I am selling each season for US $5 or you can have any 3 for  US $10 or all 5 for US $15

The game comes free with the Seasons

Below you will find the past seasons for sale for Simple and sound soccer.  They are US $5 each. 5 for US $15, 10 for US $30, 20 for US $50 dollars with each additional season US $2.50 after that.

80-81 Aston Villa's big year as they win the league 26-8-8
81-82 Liverpool win 4 points good on Ipswich who finish 2nd
82-83 Liverpool win back to back and well ahead of surprising Watford
83-84 Liverpool 22-14-6 win their third straight title over a very good Southampton team
84-85 Everton finish up on Liverpool denying them their 4th straight title
90-91 EPL
91-92 EPL
92-93 EPL
93-94 EPL
94-95 EPL
95-96 Manchester United squeak past Newcastle by 4 points
96-97 Almost a repeat but ManU beat Newcastle by 7 points
97-98 Arsenal win by 1 point over Manchester United stopping their attempt for 3 straight
98-99 One of the closest finishes in history have ManU 1 up on Arsenal and 4 up on Chelsea
99-00 ManU win 4 of 5 as they dominate to end the decade with 90 points!
2010-11 EPL
2011-12 EPL
2012-13 EPL
2011-12 Championship League Reading win!
2012-13 Championship league
All time EPL Best of league 24 teams


Amateur Wrestling


Unfortunately it is near to impossible to get good amateur wrestling stats so i made up teams from famous TV shows or books and some are just made up teams.

Game is only US $7

If anyone manages to find me actual stats I will make seasons of real wrestlers.

Fun and quick game






















































Simple and Sound NFL Football

Simple&Sound NFL Football is now available for sale in an either “mostly” automated excel version or for certain seasons (all launch seasons) in a PDF board game format.

Price is  US $10 for the game which includes 2 seasons 

Additional Seasons are US $3 each to make the game very affordable 

Seasons currently available are:

 2013,2012,1968,1969,1972,1975,1976.1986 and 2014

Over the next months the plan is to add the following seasons

58,62,77,78,84,85,89,91,92,94,96,98,2007 in no particular order.


Below you can download a screen shot of the Excel version of the game and from it you will be able to see the following

1-Cell B3 has the current season

2- Cells EFG 6-7 have the teams.  You will see a drop down menu.  Pick the team and all their info populates and automatically you are set up to play

3-in row three are 10 random dice.  When you hit the ROLL button on row 8 and 9 it “rolls” all the dice

4-Rows 10 and 13 have Rolls for each quarter.  First quarter has a percentage.  So you roll to see if they get the extra roll for the first quarter to make the game as accurate as possible.

5-you then ROLL again starting left to right.  Every 3 and 7 is a SCORE of some kind

6-So say if New England gets 2 scores in first quarter you look at their TD percentage in row L11 and use the next 2-3 die’s to see if the score is a TD or a FG(above 80.0 in this case would be a FG)

7-Then use next die or roll again if needed to see if the Extra Point is good using T11 for New England

8- Then look in Column K and you will see all the players.  In K15 you see Randy Vataha got the TD(a generic chart is included to show length if wanted)

9-down below TD players you will see if there is only 1 QB with TD passes or if you have to roll again to see who threw TD pass.

10- Mark down the scores in area provided and move on to Tampa’s first quarter ROLLS

11- At the end of the game there are pressure ratings to help replicate how a team does in close games and you can get anywhere from 1-3 ROLLS to try and take the lead or tie Depending on the team rating and by how favored they were in the match

12- There are also Pressure ratings for teams underdog by 3 rolls or less.  But rule slightly different.  Teams underdog by more than 3 total rolls(can be found in cells I10 and I13) they get no pressure chance.  Pressure ratings in red in Z6 and Z7

Screen Shot

I have tried this game and it works very well and seems to be very accurate over a season replay so why not give it a try ?.......John



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