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Roogames' conversion of Wayne Poniewaz's American Football Simulation 'First and Ten'  - SECOND AND TEN -Excellent PC Stats based gridiron simulation - great customer service and support, many user created add on's that lift the game to new heights..  in my view the ROLLS ROYCE of US Football PC Games

Excellent windows based replay simulation with the added touch of basic player and  ball  movement on the screen. Accurate results and many great  playing options, decisions to make or let the computer play. All NFL and many College seasons available. Excellent customer service.


Football Mogul 2014 is the first football game to let you play your favorite team in any year from 1970 to 2013. With stats for over 20,000 players and customizable rosters, the options are limitless. Add to that a simulation engine that is five times faster, plus hundreds of improvements to the game engine, interface and artificial intelligence.

Start in any season from 1970 to 2013
Rosters for every year since the AFL-NFL merger
New simulation engine: more realistic and 400% faster
Ratings and stats for over 60,000 player seasons
Play-by-play describes each play as it happens
Box scores and play-by-play files created for each game
Realistic player development and aging
Play up to 100 seasons into the future
Detailed playbook editor
Create your own 'Football Mogul Encyclopedia' ......and more

This game rightly had criticism in its early versions but has come on in leaps and bounds so strongly suggest you try it out - click on the game Logo above.


SECOND SEASON Pro Football board game was especially designed to be played "solitaire"-- that is, YOU, yourself, handling both teams. Yes, it can also be played "head-to-head," with two players coaching against each other. But if you're a football fan who doesn't have other people who share your table-game hobby interest, or if you're a table-gamer who just prefers solitude, THIS is a game that was especially created for YOU! SECOND SEASON Pro Football is a thoroughly engaging and endlessly entertaining solitaire football game! When you're playing SECOND SEASON, it feels like you're watching football on TV, NOT like you're playing a football board GAME!


On the heels of the success of SECOND SEASON Pro Football Game comes it's Canadian football counterpart: COLD SNAP Canadian Pro Football simulation board game! It's the most realistic and excitingly detailed simulation of the Canadian pro game that's ever been created!


This is NOT a REPLAY game !  In PLAYMAKER FOOTBALL! The coach (YOU) make all the decisions -- from "who to draft" on down to "who will be the holder on extra point tries?" PLAYMAKER FOOTBALL unites three distinct modules into one seamless game program. First, you'll go through the Team Draft to "build" the team you need to best run your styles of offense and defense. Each player on the 30-man active roster (15 offense and 15 defense) has five ability categories: Speed, Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Discipline. Each player can have up to 100 points assigned to each of the five categories. As a coach, you'll need to make sure that you have the personnel you need, whether that's a bone-crushing fullback for your power running game or an all-world quarterback for your wide open pass attack. YOU DECIDE!

Next you'll enter the true heart of the program -- the Chalkboard Editor. Here you will build your playbooks, designing offensive, defensive, and special teams plays. Each playbook can have hundreds of plays, allowing you to prepare for ANY contingency. Of course, you'll want to try out each play on the Practice Field option here, so you can check the timing on pass plays and see if that zone really IS airtight! Blocking schemes, coverage assignments, pass routes, blitz angles . . . you're the coach, YOU DECIDE!

Once you have your playbook ready, it's time to PLAY SOME FOOTBALL! You have another choice here -- you can let the computer call your game plan for you (based upon detailed Artificial Intelligence settings that you build into the playbook), or you can take charge and manually make all the calls in real time. OR, play in an online league by uploading your playbook for use against a specific opponent! Time to go for two? Again -- YOU DECIDE!

PLAYMAKER FOOTBALL is no arcade shoot-em-up -- it is as realistic and detailed a simulation of football as you can get.


Sold by Downey Games at the link shown above - quick playing Dice rolling football game with excel helpers available to speed it up even more. Great game.  Game Winning Drive Football allows you to quickly play a game between two teams while capturing the entire ebb and flow of pro football. With Game Winning Drive, you’ll be able to “see” teams grind it out on the ground, or throw all over the field for scores. The defensive side of the football is not neglected in Game Winning Drive, as you’ll “see” great defenses in action, and directly impact the game.





Second And Ten  v6  1980 Season Replay


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