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This simulation I believe is the BEST to allow realistic Tournament Play and indeed Season Play in a reasonable time scale, while still giving ALL the features that come in to effect during ATP / WTA Tennis seasons. You can play Singles or Doubles, Seasons, Tournaments, on-off matches. World Team Tennis, Davis Cup, Federation Cup, or Hopman Cup matches or Tournaments or any other Contests you wish. And for recent seasons where data is available you can use the Surface specific ratings. Plus you can play matches for ANY season in the History of Tennis. This has to be the most flexible and wide ranging Tennis Game around.

I have to admit at being biased as I produce and distribute it !!  But I wouldn't be doing so unless I believed that was indeed true. Click on the game cover link above or visit my shop for more information about the game and all the past seasons already available for you to enjoy.



Scoreboard Tennis is Inside Sports' latest addition to their Quick Play line of games. All players are rated for each surface they played on, based on their real life performance. With each season that is rated, any match-up can be replayed on your tabletop. You can even replay entire Grand Slam tournaments.

Scoreboard Tennis offers two different quick play options. You can choose to play a match either Set by Set or Game by Game with just a single roll of the dice determining the winner of the set or game. Scoreboard Tennis is the perfect companion to Inside Sports' Inside Volley Tennis game. With these two games combined, you have the option to play a match Set by Set or Game by Game, and additionally Shot by Shot for the top 60 players each year with Inside Volley. The choice is yours.  Recommended !

Scoreboard Tennis Helpers for Microsoft Excel
Enter player ratings and play out many matches on your windows based PC. There is one helper for 3 Set matches and one for 5 Set matches.. DOWNLOAD here


Inside Volley Tennis Game

IVT is a dice driven, point by point yet quick playing game. Each player has a 6x6 matrix for his service game and a 6x6 matrix for service returns. Players are rated for each surface they played on. Servers are rated for Aces & double faults and these results can also be obtained from the returner's card as well.

A point is played out with just 2 rolls of the dice. The first roll determines whose matrix will be used (server or returner) and the second roll is used on that matrix to determine the outcome of the point. It is critical that the server stay ahead in the game otherwise a point won can become a point lost.

There is also a Random Events chart which can result in injuries, equipment failure, bad weather, or player distractions all of which can have an effect on the outcome of the match.

Helper / Scorekeeper for Inside Volley Tennis - play the card game on your table top but use this MS Excel based program to keep track of score, stats and game situation for you (requires player cards to be printed - and Microsoft Excel for Windows)


Not a replay game but in this tennis manager game, you take control of a tennis coach and his player, and your goal is to reach the Number One ranking in the world, to stay there as long as possible and win as many Grand Slam titles as possible.  PC Game - great fun !

  • Men or Women Tour
  • 3000 players evolving other 36 years, from 1990 to 2025
  • more than 300 tournaments
  • the World Team Cup and the Masters Cup
  • singles & doubles
  • up to 4 coached players
  • 5 difficulty levels
  • Full ranking system (like the entry one from ATP)

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Created by tennis fans, who are regular ranked players, Tennis Elbow 2011 is a tennis game with fun, realistic gameplay for the PC. Again not a replay game but well worth checking out !

Tennis Elbow is the only game that will give you such an impression to be on the court, and will make you feel the emotions of the match with such realism : you will be conquered by the ultra-realistic ball trajectories, the artificial intelligence replicating the players'  behaviour with precision, and the complete range of shots and game situations.

Its intuitive gameplay will let you easily control the player and the ball, and even if you're not a tennis fan, you will have a lot of pleasure and fun to run and strike balls all around the court, fighting in all games !

And last but not least, with its online mode you could play against other real human players in fantastic online tennis matches !

  • 9 different court surfaces : clay, green clay, grass, hard, blue-green hard, classic synthetic, NewLine synthetic, indoor hard and indoor synthetic; each with a specific rebound
  • 300 tournaments, with 3000 players evolving over 36 years
  • The World Team Cup
  • Singles & doubles competitions
  • 6 difficulty levels, each split in 10 sublevels
  • Full ranking system (like the entry one from ATP)
  • 3D male & female players fully customizable
  • Singles, 3, and doubles games
  • Split screen
  • Network : LAN and online games
  • 1 to 6 games per set, in best of 1, 3 or 5 sets
  • 7 camera modes

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OnCourt - Software for all tennis fans

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Diggin’ Deep Tennis is a multi-faceted game, which brings the world of professional tennis right onto your tabletop. You play at the pace that suits you with Diggin’ Deep Tennis. The game engine offers a quick play mechanic in which you can resolve the action game-by-game, set-by-set, or you can even simulate an entire match in as little as one roll of the dice.

Diggin’ Deep Tennis also features a point-by-point game system which also offers an amazing element of strategy with the Diggin’ Deep System ™, allowing players to dig deep for a little something extra in certain circumstances. Do you Dig Deep do attempt to break serve in the first set? Or do you wait for an opportunity later in the match? The Diggin’ Deep System ™ brings tabletop tennis games to an entirely new level of play. The Diggin’ Deep System ™ also makes for outstanding head-to-head play. Not to fear though, as the game also has a solitaire system for when to Dig Deep. 




Jeff Downey's goal in designing this game was to develop a mechanism to quickly play through a tennis tournament. As with all of his games, he wanted a quick playing design that closely mirrored reality in the tennis world. The end result is a game that he is very proud of. Needs a LITTLE paperwork before you start each game.



Downey Games latest Tennis release. The original concept comes from Gene Moore’s game, Serve and Volley, which was designed in 1972 and never published, but served as the foundation for Player of the Game Tennis. The premise of Player of the Game Tennis is resolving one key point each game to determine the winner of the game so every "key point" is a serve and serve return. Needs a little paperwork before you start each game